Bespoke summer houses

Having a summerhouse in the garden has endless potential for personality and character and will almost certainly create a focal point to complement your garden’s theme. It will also give you additional living and relaxation space, as well as storage space.

A summerhouse is an ideal feature to add to any garden. Functional yet pleasing to the eye and all our garden summerhouses are built to the highest standards in every way.
Summerhouses are available in all shapes and sizes for what you want to use it for. The space available and your budget will dictate what size you should buy.
There are lots of thing to consider when investing in a summerhouse but below we have tried to focus on the main considerations that might influence your choice.

You will need to think about what you are going to use the building for? If you want to use it purely for relaxation or whether you will combine storage? It would be a useful exercise to lay everything out. This will help you to visualise what space you might need. Partitions are great for larger buildings to create a multi-use space for storage and relaxation this is a fantastic way of making best use of the space available.

Location & Position
It would be a clever idea to consider the path the sun takes across your garden throughout the day and what you are going to use the building for. If you work full time and use your summer house for leisure you may want to position it to take advantage of the evening sunshine.

Building the Right Base
Preparing a good base for your summer house is paramount. This can be in the form of a concrete slab, paving slabs or timber frame. We can be your guild on making the right choice depending on your needs. We would dig about six inches of soil out and replace with sand and hardcore if laying slabs we would use a waterproof membrane before pouring concrete.

You should go for the best quality that you can afford. Although the initial cost will be more, investing in good quality and craftsmanship will result in a building that could potentially last decades and more than pay for itself.

Planning permission
In general, most timber summer houses that are carefully positioned within a back garden do not need planning permission, however, there are a few legal and visual considerations to be aware of. If in doubt, always check before buying and installing a summer house. The best place to read up on planning permission rules is your local council’s website. Most councils are now very good about explaining the rules for planning permission in clear, comprehensible language, so you should not have to wade through too much legal jargon.

SGL can work with you to create the summer house of your dreams and create a space to make memories that will last a lifetime, call today for more information.