So, you have an outdoor area, but you have no idea what to do with it? You know you want to enjoy long summer evenings socialising and dining with family and friends outside in your beautiful garden.

However, you work and have a family to care for not forgetting a busy social life. You don’t have time to suddenly grow green fingers. You’re also watching your budget, which means that you don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to spend on plants and flowers.

SGL has the answers.

Simple does it

With a little creativity and a dash of inspiration, paving slabs don’t need to be boring. Quite to the contrary in fact, Consider the wide range of exciting and diverse paving on offer to you, Here are just 3 of our most popular paving techniques

Crazy paving
Crazy paving is a popular technique used in many driveways and paths. It involves the use of irregular shaped bricks, delicately positioned together to make a unique surface. It requires a great level of skill to lay to ensure the surface is suitable for heavy loads, such as a vehicle and with 20 years’ experience behind us we know how you make a beautiful and bespoke driveway for you

The Benefits of Crazy Paving
There are several benefits that come with crazy paving: –

There is a wide range of styles, types, colours and sizes, hence there are also many design possibilities let your imagination inspire you.

These types of stones can be inexpensive. The design of the path can be creative and you can wind around planting and borders. It gives bland gardens a touch of decoration. You can add broken tiles and stones into the design or leave gaps for plants to grow.

Crazy paving is considered to be more attractive than basic, plain tarmacadam surfaces for driveways.

Individual blocks can be lifted and replaced if they are damaged, or stained with oil, diesel or petrol spillages

A well-designed path can add decoration and interest to your garden. It can also improve the kerb appeal of your property.

Block Paving
Block paved driveways are available in a range of different colours and styles, making them suitable for most types of home and property. Different coloured bricks and patterns can add a unique effect to your drive.

Block paved driveways are extremely durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. They have the added benefit of being easily repaired, as a damaged block can simply be removed and replaced.

The Benefits of Block Paving

Block paving is more attractive than basic, plain tarmacadam surfaces for driveways

One of the most appealing factors about using block paving for your patio or driveway is the long-lasting durability of the material

Once installed, block paving requires very little upkeep. The colour will remain the same as does not require any additional painting in future years.

Not only is this visually appealing, but it also ensures that the surface is strong and able to support any weight so that cracks will be prevented. In a concrete driveway, cracks may begin to appear over the years and this would need to be fixed.

Resin Driveways
Resin driveways are the modern looking driveway of choice and they stand out! They enhance the appearance of any home. A wide range of colour combinations are available, so it’s possible to either have a drive that blends in with its surroundings or create a driveway surface that gives a striking and visually stunning contrast. If you want the neighbours to gawp with envy – show off with a resin driveway!

When rainwater falls on a paved surface, it needs to drain away. Conventional solid surfaces are impermeable, water flows across the surface or forms pools, adding to flood risk. Gravel surfaces avoid this problem water flows freely through the small stones and into the ground. But gravel surfaces can be messy and difficult for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Benefits of a Resin Drive

The rough textured finish provides anti-slip qualities which are perfect for slopes and public walkways.

It is easy to install. A gravel or concrete driveway can take days to install. A resin driveway, on the other hand, takes only a few hours.

This is a very resilient paving system with a life expectancy of up to 15 years depending on the specification and design you choose

It’s affordable, Resin driveways are among the most affordable driveway options. Thanks to its durability, both the initial and long-term costs are extremely low.

It requires very little maintenance, which further adds to your savings. Unlike loose gravel surfacing, the resin bonded paving doesn’t lose particles of stone or get washed away during wet weather.


If you think about transforming your driveway or garden here are just a small option of what we can offer you. Contact us at SGL with over 20 experience we can design and plan a garden to suit all your needs.