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Artificial Lawns

Here at Scenic Gardens we are specialists when it comes to the supply and fitting of Artificial Grass.

What exactly is it?

Artificial grass for a garden is generally made from polyethylene or nylon, this is a soft and durable material which means it will last and will be kind to your skin. Polyethylene is environmentally friendly and non toxic, these are just two of the reasons it is the most popular material used for artificial grass.

Benefits over real grass

Artificial grass is more resistant than real grass, this means that it will last a long time without wearing out.

It needs no maintenance. Artificial grass, of course, does not grow or die, you then do not have to cut it or make sure that it is looked after.

How we install Artificial Grass

  • A weed barrier is installed to prevent the grass from having weeds poking through
  • This is topped with a stone/sand mixture for drainage. This then has to be flattened
  • The grass is then layed down and cut to fit the area
  • Then filled with sand or crump rubber which means it will not blow away
  • This is then secured so it doesn't move

How much does it cost?

Cost varies on the type of artificial grass used and the size of the area


If you are unsure whether Scenic Gardens cover the area you live in, please check out our Coverage Area page, alternatively call us on 01733 860587 and we are happy to speak to you about your requirements.

artificial lawns


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